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What to Look for in a Pet Friendly Hotel

While we hope that you'll choose to board your pet with us when you go on vacation or travel for business, we understand that sometimes it's necessary (and fun) to take your pet along with you. But, with that said, we also understand that traveling with our furry friends can be both fun and frustrating.  It's fun because we have our beloved pets with us...but it's also frustrating if we encounter unexpected issues with lodging.  

Here are just a few tips to help make your hotel stay with your pet a bit less stressful:

- Confirm your hotel is, in fact, pet friendly.  This seems to be a bit obvious, especially if your hotel advertises that it is pet friendly.  Regardless of what the advertising might say, it’s worth a call to confirm that your hotel is pet friendly prior to making your reservation.  Policies have been known to change so why take the risk.  While you are checking in, check also to confirm that there is adequate grass for walking your pet.  Some hotels even have a small dog park.  Again, this is well worth the phone call to validate.

- Check and verify restrictions.  Many hotels have restrictions regarding the size, breed and number of pets you may have in your room.  And don’t assume pet friendly hotels allow cats.  Some do not.  Checking ahead of time can save a lot of headaches at check in.

- Check associated fees ahead of time.  Fees associated with pets can vary substantially from hotel to hotel.  Those fees can range from free to exorbitant.  Make sure you know exactly what all associated fees will be.  And if there is a damage deposit required, confirm that your deposit is completely refundable if no damage occurs.

- Book a pet friendly room.  Again, it is worth a phone call to verify your reservation is for a pet friendly room.  Don’t assume your request for a pet friendly room when booking on-line will get picked up.  Many hotels have specific rooms set aside for pets and if your reservation is not properly booked, you may end up frustrated and angry at check in.  As an additional precaution, verify that you have a pet with you at check in.  Again, this will keep unwelcome surprises to a minimum.

- Take everything you need.  Be sure to take your own food and water bowls, pet bed and pet food with you.  Some hotels will have these items available but don’t assume anything.  Remember also, our pets are often thrown off by big routine changes. Your pet will already be in an unfamiliar environment.  Having their own food and water bowl, their own bed, as well as food they are used to will help keep their travel anxiety to a minimum.

- Know the hotel rules and room policies.  Make sure you find out where your pet is allowed to be within the hotel.  Not every area will be pet friendly so make sure you know where those pet friendly areas are and are not.  Also make sure you know the hotel policy regarding leaving pets alone in the room for brief periods.  

- Be a good neighbor.  Hotel room walls are typically a bit thin so be a good neighbor and try to minimize your pet’s barking.  Many dogs bark at outside noises.  If your dog is prone to barking, it may help to have a room on an upper floor to minimize outside noises.  It can also help to keep the television on at a low volume to reduce the effect of outside noises.  

- Take your vaccination records.  Prior to traveling, make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and that you have copies of their vaccination records with you.  Many hotels require vaccination verification, especially for rabies.  

Traveling with your pet should be enjoyable and stress free.  Following these tips will maximize your fun and minimize any frustration associated with your hotel stay. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. We'd love to help!


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