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Moving to a new home is usually a chaotic and busy season of life, and it can be hard to incorporate a dog and their needs during this time. Your dog can feed off your stress and be confused with what is going on around them.

Avoid changing your routines

Dogs thrive off consistent habits. As moving nears closer, schedules tend to change and shift drastically, which can lead to an increased level in stress for your furry friend, who can’t quiet grasp the situation that is unfolding. Make it a priority to not skip out on any of your routine activities you may have with your dog, and keep their schedule as normal as possible.

Familiarize them with boxes and suitcases

If possible, start to pull out boxes and packing supplies weeks before you plan to start packing items away. This can help your dog to get so familiar with living around boxes that they won’t give it a second look when the time to actually pack comes around. Also consider allowing your dog to be a part of the packing fun! While you wrap up items, let them have their fun with ripping a sheet of tissue paper.

Keep them busy

Take the little bit of extra time to play with your dog or go outside for a walk. Getting your pup moving will help them (and you!) to burn off some of the anxious energy and have a moment that is part of your normal day-to-day. If it is impossible to get away from moving tasks, consider asking a friend or neighbor to help walk the dog, and maybe get them out of the house for a few moments.

Moving can be stressful for the entire family but can be especially hard when you aren’t able to explain to your four-legged friend what’s happening. Being mindful of this with small actions can help to alleviate additional stress.


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