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Spending quality playtime with our pets can be lots of fun.  But did you know it is also crucial for their good health?  Here are a few reasons why you should set aside time to play with your pet every day.

- Exercise:  Playing with your pet even for as little as fifteen minutes each day can help improve their fitness and over-all health.  And it can help them keep their weight at a healthy level.

- Mental Stimulation:  Active play can be mentally stimulating.  Imagine your cat plotting how best to stalk that stuffed mouse that you’re pulling around the floor or your pooch playing hide and seek with that elusive tennis ball.  Not only is playtime fun, but it also gives your pet an opportunity to exercise its brain.

- Relieve Boredom:  Does your pet have a chewing problem.  Or perhaps an excessive barking problem.  A little vigorous play can be just what the vet ordered.  Working off that excess energy can help relieve boredom and reduce inappropriate pet behavior.  And, just as with us humans, spending time playing can have major mood benefits.

- Deepen Relationships:  Most dogs and some cats are social animals.  They enjoy the bonds of friendship as much, if not more than we do.  Spending playtime together is just the thing for deepening that wonderful relationship we have with our pets.

The tips we have shared are simple and fun.  And they don’t take much time.  But the benefits to both you and your pet are priceless.  Now go have some fun with your pet!


Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

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