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As summer nears, our thoughts begin to turn to travel and vacations.  This article is being written as we are (hopefully) coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and lots of individuals are looking forward to our first vacation in quite some time.  Many of us have been working from home.  That means our pets have gotten used to having us around.  

As we plan our vacations, we need to take extra care to make sure our pets are well taken care of while we are gone.  For many of us, that means making plans to board our pets.  Here are a few tips to help ensure that you and your pets will have a safe and anxiety free experience.

• Trial Run:  As previously discussed, for many of us our pets have gotten accustomed to having us at home.  If there is any potential for separation anxiety for either you or your pet, a trial run may be in order.  Whether you plan to board your pet with your veterinarian or at a pet boarding facility, taking a tour of the facility with your pet will give both of you an opportunity to see the facility and provide you with a chance to ask questions about sleeping arrangements, exercise areas, supervision, feeding, etc.  You may also consider scheduling one overnight stay before your trip, just to break the ice a bit for both you and your pet.

• Sleeping Habits:  This tip may fall under the “easier said than done” category but we suggest you give it a try.  If your pet is used to sleeping in your bed with you, you should try having your pet sleep alone for a few nights.  This will get them (and you) a little more accustomed to sleeping alone once they are at the boarding facility.

• Eating Habits:  Many of us feed our pets specific foods at specific times.  Be sure to let the staff at the facility know what you are feeding your pet, how much and at what time.  Your pet is a creature of habit and keeping the feeding routing as normal as possible will help reduce some of the anxiety your pet may be feeling.

• Comforts of Home:  If your pet has a favorite blanket, rug, or toy, ask the staff if your pet may have those at the facility.  Again, anything that keeps their routine as close to normal as possible will help keep anxiety levels lower.

• Morning Drop Off:  We recommend you drop your pet off in the morning if possible.  That will give your pet the entire day to get used to its new surroundings.

• Visit the Vet:  Prior to boarding, we recommend a wellness visit to the vet for your dog or cat.  That way your veterinarian can make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date and can also check for any new health issues that may have arisen since your last visit.

We know you are looking forward to having time to finally get away and relax.  By following these tips, your pet will have a more pleasant experience while you’re away.  All of us at All About Paws, LLC hope you have a safe and enjoyable vacation, and we’d love to have your pet come stay with us!


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