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When is the last time that you collected your dog’s bowl along with your family’s dishes after dinner? Were you aware of the fact that dog bowls are ranked as the 4th most germ-filled location within a household according to the National Sanitation Foundation?

Eating from an unwashed dog bowl day after day can increase the risk of your dog becoming sick from the bacteria that is building up over time. Bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli have been found on dog food and water bowls and can have an effect on your health as well. Not only can an unclean bowl risk infection but can also lead to skin irritation around your dog’s mouth and face.

The best and most preferred way of washing your dog’s bowls would be to put them in the dishwasher just as you would your regular dishes. The high heat during wash cycles is best for killing any bacteria that may be residing in the bowl. Handwashing can be another method used to clean your pup’s bowls; however it is not as effective as a dishwasher. It is also best to use a separate sponge or rag for these bowls that will not be used on your household dishes in order to prevent the risk cross contamination.

Be mindful of the type of bowl your dog eats from. Ceramic and plastic bowls tend to be more porous and can be harder to clean. A great alternative is switching to a stainless-steel bowl. If you have a mat underneath your dog’s bowl, make sure to clean that regularly as well. Washing your dog’s bowl daily is the best decision to keep both your pup and your family safe from harmful bacteria that is easy to avoid.  


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