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Keeping Cool For The Summer

Hot dogs belong on the grill – not on your lap panting and finding it impossible to get comfortable in the heat of summer weather. That’s right, we’re talking about your fur babies and we want to remind you to keep them cool, healthy, and comfortable this summer season.

Here are 3 special considerations that you can make for your dog when the temperatures start to rise:

·      Brush your dog’s hair frequently to remove loose hair and improve air circulation. Not only will your best friend look better, she’ll feel better, too. Plus, regular brushing helps to prevent those pesky hair mats which trap heat!

·      Remember that some long-haired dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors may be better left un-shaved. Dogs with a close shave in the summer can be susceptible to sunburn.

·      Speaking of burns, consider shifting your daily walks to either the late evening or early morning when asphalt and concrete sidewalks are cooler. Walking on hot surfaces can be painful on bare paws.

So let the sun shine this summer and don’t let your pet lose his cool!  Take a few extra steps to keep your dog happy and healthy all season long.


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