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Doggy daycare may be a crucial aspect of your life while having a dog. It is a great way to balance a busy life, while still giving your dog the companionship it needs.

Before dropping them off for their first day, here are a few items to check off your list to prepare your pup.


It is important that before they are put into a larger facility with many other dogs, your dog should be well socialized with other furry friends. When dogs interact with one another, they learn situational and body language cues from each other. It is a key aspect of development for any dog and can greatly influence its overall temperament. Great locations to adjust your dog to being around others include a dog park or an outdoor patio at a dog friendly restaurant.

A trip to the vet

Before stepping foot into a daycare facility, your dog should be brought in for a vet appointment. Many canine vaccines are required by all daycare facilities, and additional shots can help the spread of viruses. Viruses such as Kennel cough are significant, as they can affect humans as well. It is important to take preventative measures to keep not only your pup, but your entire house safe from sickness!

Prepping their travel bags

When your pup is new to doggy daycare, make sure that their bag is packed according to their needs. Measure out and separate food portions. If your dog takes any medications, bring them with you and write down specific instructions accordingly. Many daycares advise putting all medications into a pill separator, so as to not warrant any confusion. Some facilities even let you pack your pup’s favorite treats to use as a reward throughout the day.

Consider taking all these steps as an entry into researching and finding your dog the perfect fit for doggy daycare. Starting with these few things can prepare both you and your pup for the fun that lie ahead with many furry friends!


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