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Taking your dog to the groomer for the first time can become a concerning task to dog owners. Do you question whether your dog will behave and be comfortable enough to allow the groomer to do their job? Remember these few thoughts as you prepare for bringing your dog to their first appointment at a groomer.

Prepare your dog at home

It is important to get your dog familiar with the feeling of being groomed; having their hair, nails, and paws touched messed with, and with being bathed. It is best to familiarize your dog with bath times as early as possible. Make brushing your dog at home a regular occurrence to get them even more comfortable. Doing these things at hope will help make the first time at the groomer a better experience for everyone involved, as your dog will not be as scared or confused with what is going on.

Do not hover or check in

While you might be curious to see how your dog is doing during their grooming, do not stop by to check in or see if they are finished. When your dog sees you, they will get very excited that you have come back for them and make it very difficult for the groomer to finish their work. Always wait until the groomer calls you to confirm that your pup is ready for pickup.

Be specific with your wants

Just as if you were at your own haircut appointment, tell your groomer exactly what your expectations and wants are for your dog’s cut. If you do not have any specifics for what you want, still be clear on what you do NOT want. A great way to communicate your idea for how you want your dog to look is by showing your groomer a picture.

Respect the groomer

Like any service that requires appointments, groomers time should be respected and honored. Be on time for your appointment, because a groomer’s day is usually fully booked and unable to waiver. Allow for your groomer to do their best work by giving them the time allotted for your pup!

Going to the groomer can seem like a daunting task but following these simple steps will help to alleviate some stress revolving around keeping your dog trim and neat.


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