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Home Alone?

We hope that you always remember us for Doggie Daycare when you need to step out for a few minutes, run a few errands, or simply need a little breathier…but during those times when your dog has to spend a short time home alone, here are some tips for helping to make sure your dog keeps safe(and out of mischief)…and for helping you come home to less of a chance of a mess:

·      Take your dog out for a good, long, energetic walk before you leave. This will help your dog to release some energy…and offer the much-needed potty break!

·      Consider keeping music playing throughout to help your dog to feel calmer and have more of a sense of normalcy of noise throughout the home while you’re away for a few minutes.

·      Always be sure that your dog has access to water while and that he or she has had a nice meal before you have to step out for a while.

·      Avoid using crates as a timeout place of punishment so that your dog is less likely to associate the crate with something negative and unpleasant.

·      Bring your dog to All About Paws whenever you need Doggie Daycare.

A few little steps here and there, before you step out fora while, can help your dog to be better-suited for spending a little time alone in the house.

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