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With the holidays rapidly approaching, we just want to take a few minutes to remind our pet loving friends that this can be a wonderful time for us but a stressful and potentially dangerous time for our pets.  So here are just a few quick reminders to help make holiday travel enjoyable for our furry friends as well.

- Travel Safety:  Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, please make sure your pet is safely restrained.  Please also make sure your pet is healthy enough to travel.  If your pet is older or has medical issues, a pre-trip visit to your vet should be considered a must.  Finally, make sure your pet has ample identification.  When pets are taken out of their familiar environment, they can get nervous and bolt for the door.  Make sure someone will know how to help your pet find its way home.

- Unfamiliar Surroundings:  Pets are creatures of habit.  They are comfortable in their normal safe surroundings.  But it’s a different story when they are in unfamiliar territory.  Be prepared for your pet to display uncharacteristic grumpiness or anxiety.  Take your pet’s favorite toy or blanket.  Make sure you also take the food, food dish and water bowl that your pet is accustomed to.  Finally, keep an eye on how your pet is reacting to unfamiliar family members.  Holidays are a time to enjoy each other so if you see your pet beginning to get agitated or aggressive, calmly remove your pet to a quiet place so it can have a chance to regain its composure.

- People Food:  We know you are careful not to expose your pet to unhealthy foods at home, but we know that holiday gatherings expose your pet to all kinds of stuff they shouldn’t have.  Be on guard for grandpa sneaking treats from the table, chocolate, candy with artificial sweetener and raisins.  In fact, it’s safest to assume that any kind of “people food” can potentially upset your pet’s stomach.  Just stick to your pet’s normal food and pet treats.

Just following these three tips should help ensure a happier time as you and your pet travel this holiday season.  For more tips, we’ve included the links to three articles below that will give you even more comprehensive tips.  We hope you and your pet have a wonderful holiday season!!


Photo by Jesus Trevizo from Pexels

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