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You may love cuddling with your furry friend all snuggled up in your bed, but if it is negatively affecting your sleep at night, it may be time to change your pet’s sleeping habits. While it will be a hard transition moving your pet from your bed to their own bed, it will benefit everyone in the long run. Here are a few tips on how to get started.

For Dogs:

Find the right bed

Finding a bed for your dog that is comfortable and appealing to them will make the transition much easier. Make sure that the sizing is correct and will allow them to sleep their best. You should also greatly consider the materials, and how easily it can be washed.

Teach new commands

One thing that will be extremely beneficial when teaching your pup to sleep in their own bed is commands specifically related to their bed. Start teaching them “go to bed” or “bed” in relation to their own bed while walking them to it. Remain consistent with this training, and practice through the day, not just at bedtime. Use positive reinforcement, such as treats, when they obey the commands or chose their bed over yours.

For Cats:

Find the right bed

Just like with dogs, finding the right bed for your cat is very important. Depending on your cat’s temperament, you may want to opt for a bed with overhead covering. Because cats knead and claw, make sure that you choose a bed that is durable against cat nails.

Location is key

Place your cat’s new bed somewhere they will feel safe and warm. They usually prefer being higher up, so consider placing their bed on top of something tall like a cat tree.

Make your room undesirable

Emphasize the fact that your cat cannot sleep in your room or bed by closing your door at night, so they are unable to get in. If you want to make even more of an drastic effort to keep your cat off, spray a strong scent such as citrus oils on and around your bed.

Remember that this process may take time, so be patient. It will be worth the wait when everyone in your house is able to sleep soundly at night!


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