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Grooming: It Does A Body Good

We all love it when our dogs have had a fresh bath and a nice, stylish trim. They seem to love it, too. Some dogs get a burst of energy and enjoy romping around after they’ve devoted a satisfying amount of time shaking off the excess bath water from their hair, of course. Cats, while they probably don’t like to show it, also seem to enjoy giving themselves their own post-bath bath (hey, did you really expect them to let YOU do their job?). But what if we were to tell you that regular grooming for your dogs and cats is more than just skin deep? That’s right, proper, safe grooming for your pets plays an important part in their overall health and wellness.

Regular bathing is important to remove dirt, fecal matter, and dander from both dogs and cats. Over-bathing, however, can dry out your dog or cat’s skin and cause irritation. Or, using the wrong kinds of shampoos and cleaning products at bath time can also cause irritation or a potentially harmful allergic reaction. Speaking with your pet’s groomer can help you best understand the bathing schedule that’s right for your pet and the best products to be used. Most veterinarians recommend professional grooming because proper grooming for dogs and cats goes beyond bathing. Examining the condition of your pet’s hair and nails or claws is also an important part of the grooming process.

Matted hair in both dogs and cats can cause serious health problems including skin irritation which can lead to infections. Plus, fleas and ticks can hideout and wreak havoc in matted coats. What’s even scarier is that some of the more complicated mats can actually cut into an animal’s skin eventually working its way down to the bone or become so tightly wound that it cuts off blood supply; and while many of us assume that our purrrfect felines are fine to do their own grooming, long-haired cats, in particular, are often prone to matted hair.

Paying proper attention to your dog’s nails and your cat’s claws can be an even more tedious task. Nails and claws are made up of the living quick and an outer shell. The quick is filled with nerves and, if cut,can cause pain and bleeding. Shorter nails in dogs is recommended by most veterinarians, but the trimming process needs to be handled professionally and with extreme care. Similarly, a cat’s claws are an important part of her primary defense systems – as well as her instinctual needs to jump and climb. She may use them to protect herself, or to help her climb a cat tower or even play with her toys. The scratching part of potty time is also important to your cat; and she needs healthy claws through it all. Like a dog’s nails, the claws on your cat can’t be trimmed too closely or there’s a chance for bleeding and pain. In cats, nails that are cut too closely or too bluntly may also interfere with their natural habits and instincts. Regular, cautious care to nails and claws is required. Professional groomers have special tools that are safer and more effective than most DIY clippers, trimmers, or grinders.

Just like us, our dogs and cats rely on safe, regular,routine grooming to be healthier and happier. So don’t take chances on their well-being. Schedule an appointment with a qualified pet groomer. It’ll not only be good for them, it’ll also be an added plus for you – bringing home a fresh and clean pet is a nice treat…after all, do you REALLY know where they’ve been and what kinds of icky situations they’ve gotten themselves into lately? You may be pretty surprised…and a little grossed out.


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