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Many dogs can suffer from anxiety in a variety of ways, and it can be sad to watch your dog go through it. You may feel helpless in situations where your dog is showing signs of stress, but there are many are ways for you to give them comfort. These are just a few ways to help calm your dog when they show signs of being anxious.

Exercise and movement

Just like getting up and taking a walk can help to calm your nerves and lessen your anxiety, the same goes for your dog. If you see that your pup is starting to experience anxious behaviors, get them moving as soon as possible. It is also beneficial to exert a lot of their energy before you leave to help combat separation anxiety.

Safe Space

Create a space in your home that can be a safe space for your dog, where they feel comfortable getting away when they are feeling stressed. Making a space such as their crate feel safe to your pup will also significantly reduce separation anxiety when you leave your home.

Physical touch

When your dog is feeling stressed, physical touch from someone they love and trust can significantly alleviate anxiety. Petting, hugging, and snuggling your dog can help to distract them from the fear they may be feeling, as well as help them feel safer.


Toys are a great tool to use in times of anxiety with your dog, as they are a great way to redirect your dog’s mind. Toys can help in a variety of ways, from toys with calming aspects of sensory textures and sounds, to toys that will distract by stimulating a different part of their brain with a puzzle.

If your dog’s anxiety becomes extreme or too frequent, reach out to your vet for what steps you can take. When your dog is showing signs of stress, take a deep breath, and know that they will be able to sense your calmness.


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