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During vacations and travel times, we often turn to our veterinarian or pet boarding specialists to take care of our pets while we are gone.  But what about during the holidays?  

We know the holidays can be a time of stress for us humans.  But what about our pets?  They are used to their routine of being walked and fed at regular intervals.  They are accustomed to our “normal” home routine, including the people who typically come and go.  They are used to us being there on a predictable basis. But, when our pet’s routines are disrupted, they can experience a high level of stress.  

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider boarding your pet, even if you aren’t going anywhere for the holidays.

- Stress:  We’ve already discussed stress producers above.  And that stress can cause, irritability, aggressiveness, destructive behaviors, eating disorders and an upset stomach.  

- Strangers:  If you plan to entertain guests over the holidays, boarding your pet during those times could save a lot of stress for both you and your pet.  It could also save your pet from the dangers of being given food items that could be potentially hazardous for them.  Spending a day with a professional boarding service may be just the thing to preserve your pet’s sanity and keep everyone’s stress to a minimum.

- Traveling:  Do you plan to travel over the holidays?  If your pet has a very laid-back disposition, gets along well with everyone, travels well, and doesn’t get stressed, then by all means take your pet with you.  Otherwise, consider boarding your pet.  Again, the reduced stress will be welcomed by both you and your pet.

- Day Care Versus Being Left Alone:  If you are planning all day shopping trips or day visits to friends and relatives, consider boarding your pet for a day with a pet day care facility.  At All About Paws, we make sure your pet is well cared for and supervised.  And we offer both short-term and long-term boarding.

The holidays should be a stress-free and joyful time of year.  By following the tips above, you can help ensure your pets join you in having a stress-free holiday.



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