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We all care deeply about our dogs, and we should care just as much about who we leave our pets with. When looking for a dog sitter, here are a few key things to look at that will help you make the right decision.


Does the person have previous experience with pet sitting or caring for a pet in any circumstance? Choosing someone who has knowledge for a pet’s needs, and truly enjoys being around animals, is huge. Whether they have professionally or have simply grown up with pets and understand the lengths needed to take care of them, any

Ability to meet your specific needs

Many dogs have specific needs, whether it be dietary restrictions, health issues, or even the emotional wellbeing of your pup. Explain everything that you expect from your sitter upfront and in detail and ensure that they are able to follow what is necessary.  

Willingness to meet beforehand

It is important and highly advised to meet with a potential sitter and speak with them face-to-face before they stay with your pet. It is a good way to get a better connection with whomever before you allow them to enter your home and stay with your beloved pet/pets.

Connection with your pet

One of the most important factors of choosing the person as your sitter is how they interact and connect with your dog. Dogs are a great judge of character, and it is best to make sure they do not seem uneasy or uncomfortable around the person you are about to leave them with. It is also an opportunity for you to see if the potential sitter actually knows how to handle themselves around dogs.

Do you trust them?

Does the person you are preparing to leave your pup with seem trustworthy? DO you feel comfortable leaving them to complete all the tasks needed to care for your dog? When you meet with a potential sitter, trust your gut instinct on

It can be a worrisome subject, and you may not be able to relax on your vacation when you’re wondering about the care and safety of your dog. Take the time to research and interview with these things in mind, and do not settle when it comes to the care of your dog.  


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